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"Exercises to Free the Tongue" debuts at Seattle Public Library Downtown

This Thursday, March 26, 7 pm:
Please join me and 
award-winning poet Molly Tenenbaum for Exercises to Free the Tongue at the downtown Seattle Public Library. The event includes a talk about our collaboration in merging words and images, with clips of famous ventriloquists, past and present. Don't miss it; we're hilarious. Please spread the word!

First Floor, Downtown Seattle Public Library, Microsoft Auditorium.  
Event is free. 
Parking under the Library. MAP

Illuminated with historic images and ephemera from the poet's grandparents, ventriloquists on the vaudeville circuit in the early 1900's,
this book of poems plays with ventriloquial metaphors of voice and breath.
A long time in the works, this is a book to celebrate.

Molly's grandparents on one of their handbills.

Limited edition box with poems on individual cards. Artist books by Ellen Ziegler.

Spiral bound book, 44 pages.

Both editions are available through Vamp and Tramp BooksellersOpen Books and Paper Hammer in Seattle, and