Vermilion Series 2017, 2019

This series of drawings searches out the interface between the psyche and its influences, between inner and outer worlds. That liminal place is the body – where we live while looking out and in. They result from my visceral responses to sensation, emotion and reaction. The use of the color vermilion began as an investigation of childhood memory and has morphed into a practice of working with only this one color for three years.

The drawings are made with acrylic forms painted on paper, which I then draw on with white marker. The circular marks transform the flat forms to three dimensions, giving voice to embodiment – urges, transformations, and ultimate transcendences.

In a time when we are increasingly distanced from our corporeal selves by technology and stress, this work attempts to bring to the surface powerful and peculiar sensations, emotions, and reactions, so we may act authentically in this shifting world.

Shown as drawings at Adjunct Appendages, Hoedemaker Pfeiffer Gallery, Seattle, 2017.
Shown as archival pigment prints at large scale, Desai Matta Gallery, San Francisco, 2019

Press for Vermilion Series

Vanguard Seattle